Sunday 05.17.20

The Whole Package

There are 168 hours in your week and we hope you spend 56 of those hours sleeping. You might get 6 hours of working out with your crew at Flying Fortress CrossFit… so, what is happening during the other 106 hours of your week?

You spend those 106 hours eating and making lifestyle choices that have an impact on every aspect of your life. No big deal, right?

We knew that we wanted to have more than 6 hours/week of positive influence on our members. That’s why we began offering one-on-one nutrition coaching! But what do you get when you add one-on-one online nutrition coaching onto your regular FFCF membership?

1. A certified and trained coach. 

You’ll learn how to become your OWN nutrition pro! Not only has Jessica Gutierrez graduated from the WAG nutrition training course, Registered Nurse and a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, but she is also going to be able to work with you to ensure your nutrition and workouts align perfectly.

2. An app that keeps your progress in one place.

Think of this as your digital locker. It’s where you log your meals, communicate with your coach, post your before and after photos and list upcoming goals and milestones. In short, it makes life easier.

3. A members-only Facebook group.

In this group, no question is off-limits. Like to Splenda or not to Splenda? How do you stick your macros on vacation? What are the impacts of burpees and sushi rolls on health? Where does Coach Mason get his outfits? You know, the important stuff.

4. A killer body, mind, and spirit.

This triple threat is a natural side effect… just ask Coach Sam!




I have really enjoyed working with Jess and WAG. I am more confident in my ability to fuel my body appropriately while still enjoying my food. Through this process, I have learned how to efficiently and effectively meal prep, and I feel comfortable tracking when I eat out. Everything was personalized to my lifestyle, my goals, and my needs as an athlete. I checked in with Jess frequently about my progress and to make any adjustments necessary along the way. I felt very supported, and I appreciated having someone to keep me accountable.
— Sam Morin, Flying Fortress Coach

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