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Low GI and High GI Foods

Today, weโ€™re getting a little science-y!

Low GI and High GI are two terms that are thrown around a lot. Since there are just as many questions about it as there are references, we want to give you a basic overview of the glycemic index!

At its core, the glycemic index is a way to rank carbohydrate-rich foods by how quickly and significantly they raise your blood sugar levels. 

  • Low GI foods are digested more slowly into your body and will have a smaller effect on blood glucose levels and insulin response, meaning your energy will be more stable throughout the day.

  • High GI foods spike your blood sugar quickly and often cause that โ€œsugar crashโ€ later on.

Get a list of some high-GI and low-GI foods in this blog article

In the same article, youโ€™ll learn some ways that a food can shift where it lands on the glycemic index based on things like how itโ€™s cooked, what itโ€™s eaten with and even what youโ€™ve eaten earlier in the day. 

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