Tuesday 09.11.18

Today we remember all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We remember all those families who lost loves ones. We remember the first responders who didn’t think twice about what they were running in to. The ones who only thought about who could they save and how they could help. We remember all those who came to the aide of strangers and cried on each other’s shoulders in the days, months and even years to come. We want to say thank you to all those who helped our nation in a time of need and all those who went on to serve our county in the years that followed.

Today’s WOD is in honor of Richland Firefighter, Noah Pate.

Noah Heo WOD.jpg

This Hero WOD was created by Reservoir CrossFit (Brandon, MS). It was originally posted August 3, 2017 to honor the memory of Noah Pate, a Richland Firefighter killed in a wreck on Highway 49 (July 28, 2017). The workout was designed by former RezCF athlete and current firefighter Robert Jones, a fire academy classmate of Noah’s.

Their fire academy class was 167; hence, the buy-in and cash-out. Noah was number 23 in roll call; therefore, 23 reps for pull-ups and wall ball shots. The 21 deadlifts are from Noah’s age: 21. 1.5 miles is the total of the 3 rounds of 800 meter run which was the part of the academy’s fitness assessment. 


Buy-in: 67 Push-Ups

Then, 3 Rounds of:

800 meter Run

23 Pull-Ups

23 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

21 Deadlifts (165/105)

Cash-out: 67 Push-Ups


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