Thursday 6.3.2021


Our teams are growing and we are getting EXCITED!!! 😁 If you’re still on the fence about joining our Summer Jumpstart, the results from our New Year Jumpstart might convince you:

🥦 100% of participants reported a significantly higher perceived experience level with wellness and nutrition after the Jumpstart

🍏 100% of participants were able to formulate goals during the Jumpstart with the help of their Jumpstart coach — and accomplished or made progress toward those goals!

🫑 100% of participants established a new habit that they will continue to utilize after the Jumpstart

🥒 100% of participants saw an improvement in their benchmark workout scores

Individual results included 15 pounds lost, 4 pounds lost, 7 pounds intentionally gained, and inches lost!!!

Your 30 days of nutrition and lifestyle guidance begins on Monday June 7! Email us at to get started 💪🏻

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