Sunday 07.05.2020

There are many sides to fitness. But in the interest of time, I’ll keep it to two (like a coin).

  • Side #1: What you do inside the gym to form your body.

  • Side #2: What you do outside the gym to fuel it.

The problem? Many of us put most of our energy into Side #1. We run, lift, jump and squat with decent results. But after a few months, we begin to plateau.

It’s why we chose to make our nutrition program powered by Working Against Gravity a priority. Now you can get best-in-class nutrition coaching, right from your computer. This program has worked for over 15,000 people, from the Pros to Average Joes!

Here’s a word about our program from FFCF’s owner and coach, Kara!


Not only am I feeling and looking better, I am fitting into my clothes better and my performance in the gym is getting closer to where it used to be!!! I still have work to do, honestly being healthy and fit never stops 🙂

All it requires of you? To sign up and begin learning. Get in control of your nutrition today!

Flying Fortress Nutrition powered by WAG!

Flying Fortress Nutrition powered by WAG!


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