Wednesday 07.29.2020

A lot happens while you’re getting Zzz’s…

Hopefully more than just pranks! We’re talking about RECOVERY.

Recovery from workouts and day-to-day activities is one of the most important things that happens when you’re sleeping. And, protein is so important in supporting those processes!

Since you won’t be eating for 6-8 hours, think of your sleep as a fasting period. Before you “fast,” it makes sense to consume some slow-digesting protein, right? Of course! 

Getting in some casein (a slow-digesting protein) before bed is almost like giving your body bursts of protein throughout the night — without having to wake up every few hours to eat. #winning

Here are six recipes made with casein protein powder that will help with recovery, while making you feel good about having dessert 😜



Flying Fortress Nutrition powered by WAG!

Flying Fortress Nutrition powered by WAG!


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