Sunday 06.07.20

Wondering what our nutrition program is up to these days? Well, we just completed WEEK 1 of our June Jumpstart!

The Flying Fortress Nutrition Jumpstart program is our way of offering 30 days of online nutrition and lifestyle guidance to our community. As a Working Against Gravity affiliate, we are proud to make nutrition a priority and a part of our culture!

We have had a busy week of reading daily nutrition and lifestyle content delivered through SugarWOD, chatting in our Jumpstart Facebook group, and hosting a Zoom/in person meeting to talk about all things nutrition. Since enrolling once grants lifetime access, our March Jumpstart participants are getting a post-COVID reset right alongside our first-time participants!

The Jumpstart program is open to members and non-members, as well as ALL experience levels! Beginners are welcome!

This week, we learned:

  • Our favorite success tips

  • How to set a goal effectively

  • How to track progress

  • The importance of mindset, including 6 potentially harmful mindsets and how to reframe them

  • All about comparison and the scale

Sound like something you might be interested in? It’s never too late to Jumpstart your nutrition! Click here to learn more or visit our FAQ page!

Flying Fortress Nutrition powered by WAG!

Flying Fortress Nutrition powered by WAG!


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