Tuesday 07.23.18

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
50-ft. handstand walk
100-ft. walking lunge


Meet Flying Fortress CrossFit: Nikki Thompson

061318 GCWA-4142.jpg


“I own an art gallery on Postoffice Street (Affaire d’Art) and a boutique on the Strand (Pardon My French) with my partner Alicia Boles. Owning businesses is not only stressful but I spend a lot of time sitting and not moving around much. I started CrossFit because I needed to make time for myself and my health and I needed to let go of day to day stress.

My favorite thing about CrossFit is that it sets the tone for my day. I leave feeling accomplished and knowing that I can do anything! My favorite movement is the deadlift. I love slow controlled movements that really show progress (and it’s really fun to lift weights).

If someone was considering CrossFit, I would tell them ‘do it!’ Stop thinking about it and just try it. CrossFit meets you where you are right now in your fitness journey. It’s nothing to be afraid of and it will teach you amazing things about yourself! I’ve found an amazingly supportive community, made lifetime friendships, become the most fit I have ever been, and lost about 40 pounds and counting. I can’t say enough good things about Flying Fortress CrossFit!”


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